The Boxer

Thalia Theater w Hamburgu

Author: Szczepan Twardoch

In 1930s Warsaw, Jewish boxer Jakub Shapiro is using the strength and agility of his body to fight his way out of the misery of his upbringing. He works for his godfather Jan Kaplica, who rules over Warsaw like Al Capone ran Chicago. The crook controls the brothels, collects protection money and enjoys the good life in fancy cars and dark bars. Shapiro accompanies Kaplica and does the dirty work for the empire. But soon the mafia business and the good life are shattered by the fight against Polish nationalists, who want to take control of the city. ‘The Boxer’ paints a striking picture of the city of Warsaw shortly before the German armed forces march in.

Directing: Ewelina Marciniak
Choreography: Dominika Knapik
Staging: Mirek Kaczmarek
Costume: Julia Kornacka
Dramaturgy: Susanne Meister, Jarosław Murawski
Music: Jan Duszyński

Sebastian Zimmler, Toini Ruhnke, Rosa Thormeyer, Anna Blomeier, Oliver Mallison, Rafael Stachowiak, Tarik Sanli, Goya Brunnert

Photos: Krafft Angerer


And again, she delights the audience and critics, consciously and consistently inverting the story of the male world of simple solutions, in which violence is the only tool for building order. "Boxer" - Twardoch's novel appeared under this title in Germany - cleverly rewritten by Jaroslaw Murawski, in Marciniak's interpretation becomes a sensual, hypnotic, though essentially intimate tale of relationships that make us who we are, about how we want to live very desperately. And about women. Because they, and not Jakub, are the real heroines of the performance.

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