A Play of Love and Friendship

Deutsches Theater Berlin

Scenic text: Jarosław Murawski

The fatal end of Goethe’s Werther is well known. What is probably less well known is that Werther, after deciding to turn the pistol on himself because he cannot live without Lotte, was not immediately dead but vegetated for a few more hours. It is in this transitional period between life and death that director Ewelina Marciniak’s rewriting and retelling of Goethe’s Werther, rewritten by Jarosław Murawski, begins. Viewed from the end, the love triangle of Werther, Lotte and her fiancé Albert is less a Sturm und Drang story that collides against social conventions, and more a play of love and friendship that, in retrospect, reveals the possibilities, missed opportunities and wrong choices. With her visually powerful direction and choreographic arrangements (prepared by Dominika Knapik) , Ewelina Marciniak searches for new spaces and meanings in the tensions between love and partnership, sensitivity and society in the many-told epistolary novel.

Director Ewelina Marciniak

Choreography Dominika Knapik

Stage and lighting Mirek Kaczmarek

Costumes Natalia Mleczak

Music Jan Duszyński

Video direction Ewelina Marciniak / Przemyslaw Chojnacki

Video production YANKI FILM

Dramaturgy Jarosław Murawski, John von Düffel

Photos: Arno Declair



Werther Marcel Kohler 

Lotte Regine Zimmermann 

Albert / Mr. M. Paul Grill 

Wilhelm, Werther’s friend Thorsten Hierse 

Mrs. M. Natali Seelig 


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