Reconstructing the Body
of the Amazons

‘Penthesilea. Reconstructing the Body of the Amazons‘ is a performative installation project in which the mythical story of the titular queen is juxtaposed with the condition of those affected by breast cancer. The story of Penthesilea tells of the mad love the main character had for the Greek warrior Achilles, which resulted in her death while duelling with him. In another version, it is the queen, driven to fury, who murders Achilles, biting him to death… The opponent of the modern Amazons, however, is not any Greek warrior, but breast cancer – the most common malignant tumour among women. Every day, thousands of women face the battle against it.

The duo Fat and Dumb gives voice to contemporary Amazons to share a story space with them. It aims to create a place of collective energy: a micro-community where individuals support each other, pass on the myth and reinterpret it. The creators want to talk about serious topics in a way that is not necessarily serious. They use distance and a sense of humour in their performances, making use of antiquity in its broadest sense. This includes the pop version. 

Gruba i Głupia (FAT AND DUMB) – a choreographic-dramaturgical-directorial duo formed by Dominika Knapik (Dumb) and Patrycja Kowańska (Fat). It was born out of the need to create a space for independent, uncompromising creative statements, touching on difficult and uncomfortable subjects. The works of Gruba and Głupia aim to play with theatrical conventions and deconstruct stereotypes concerning, among other things, the political potential of the body and gender.

Choreography, dramaturgy, direction, music, video: Gruba i Głupia (Kowańska/Knapik)
Co-creation and performance: Joanna Czarnecka-Knobel, Małgorzata Mioduszewska, Ewa Wiśniewska and Patrycja Kowańska and Dominika Knapik.
Costumes: Wiktor Krajcer
Lights: Arkadiusz Czapla
Sound design: Maciej Frycz
Communications: Ola Jaruszewska
Executive producer: Anna Romberg
Graphics: Wiktoria Szydłowska
Teaser: Evgenia Klemba
Co-production: Teatr Ósmego Dnia, Instytut Kultury Miejskiej
Production: Social Place of Culture SCENA ROBOCZA
Premiere: 6 October 2023

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