Jaracza Theater in Łódź

“Therapy” is a 12-hour theatrical installation combining performance, therapy session and visual arts. In front of the therapist there will be an actress who will play six characters from the world of pop culture and art: Violetta Villas, Woody Allen, Mama Madzi, Wacław Niżyński, Natascha Kampusch and Harlan / Rapist from the movie “Thelma and Louise”.

The actor carries several, sometimes a dozen, stage personalities at the same time. How to accommodate such a load in one person? What trace does his movement within other people’s lives leave in creating a character?

The creators are interested in how therapeutic techniques can expose the process of entering a role. They look at the character building mechanism – being someone you are not. But is it really possible not to be yourself at all in a role? Where does the creation begin and end? It is an experiment on the human interior, wrapped in real theatrical form.

concept and acting training: Domi­nika Kna­pik
dra­ma­tur­gy: Patry­cja Kowa­ńska
video: Dawid Kozłow­ski
costumes: Hanka Podraza
make-up: Jolanta Fidos
therapist: Woj­ciech Drath
actress: Urszula Gry­czew­ska

Photos: Dawid Kozłowski

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