The Optimist's Testament

Łaźnia Nowa Theater in Cracow

The absurd and ironic tone of the story became an inspiration for a minimalist performance using the language of dance theater. The production refers to the climate of Aki Kaurismäki’s films, which perfectly corresponds to the irony of Mrożek’s text. Live songs play a special role, as they are a kind of monologue of inner failure heroes. Maintained in the convention of a concert-funeral, the performance is arranged in a multidimensional narrative, dealing with the problem of death in a subtle, pathos-free way.

Concept, directing and choreography: Domi­nika Kna­pik
Dramaturgy: Woj­ciech Klim­czyk
Music: Anna Szwaj­gier
Cast: Domi­nika Kna­pik, Mag­da­lena Przy­bysz, Tomasz Cho­ło­niew­ski
Pre­miere: 17.02.2011

Photos: Kuba Dąbrowski

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