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Pinokio fights for his independence with his whole body. Over and over, he defies all authorities. Like babe in the woods, he seeks a route to freedom, or, as a matter of fact, to independence. And – probably, like many of his contemporaries – he suspects that money gives freedom. Where does his hyper-materialism stem from? A lie becomes his only tool to escape poverty, in which his father exists. Pinokio is ashamed and lies. He risks and bluffs, ready to lose his life, so as not to reveal what house he comes from. Pinokio irritates, he is full of faults, but also attracts and fascinates. His dreams may be crooked but he remains faithful to them. Pinokio will set himself free from wood only after experiencing many temptations and falls. Far from ideal, but forever independent.

Joël Pommerat – one of the current most outstanding French authors and directors – he is capable of a dialogue with a present time. He treats children as seriously as adults. He elicits laughter marked with melancholy and thus asks important questions. His Pinokio is a new incarnation of a character that children’s imagination is well familiar with.

Director: Anna Smo­lar
Set design: Anna Met
Costumes: Anna Nykow­ska
Live music: Nata­lia Fie­dor­czuk, Karo­lina Rec
Lights: Rafał Para­dow­ski
Video: Filip Zagór­ski, VJ FX
Cast: Monika Babula, Mag­da­lena Cie­lecka, Domi­nika Kna­pik, Łukasz Kos / Marek Kalita, Zyg­munt Mala­no­wicz, Piotr Polak, Mag­da­lena Popław­ska, Maciej Stuhr

Photos: Magda Hueckel

Pre­miere: 31.05.2014

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