HOTEL H.****

2023 HOTEL H.**** The action takes place in a hotel – an (un-)temporary, ephemeral and crime-prone place. Into this mysterious space the authors write the convention of a detective story, subjecting the motif of a woman-victim to a perverse analysis. “Hotel H.****” is a performance inspired by, among others, the cinema of Alfred Hitchcock, the […]

PENTHESILEA. Reconstruction the body of the Amazons

2023 Penthesilea. Reconstructing the Body of the Amazons ‘Penthesilea. Reconstructing the Body of the Amazons‘ is a performative installation project in which the mythical story of the titular queen is juxtaposed with the condition of those affected by breast cancer. The story of Penthesilea tells of the mad love the main character had for the […]

Very funny

2023 Very funny VERY FUNNY Fat and Dumb, i.e. Patrycja Kowańska and Dominika Knapik, creative artists working in theatres as directors, choreographers and dramaturges, place themselves on the stage. They explore the dynamic of the duo through the prism of their own bodies while to the emplois of contemporary freelance artists they try on the […]

Valeska Valeska Valeska Valeska

2022 VALESKA VALESKA VALESKA VALESKA VALESKA VALESKA VALESKA VALESKA.  In this performance four dancers invite the audience to visit a performative installation. It’s a space combining cabaret, circus, kinder ball and modern art exhibition. The starting point for this piece is the biography and works of Valeska Gert. Her peculiar artistic practice that was detached […]