The Maid of Orleans

2021 The Maid of Orleans NTM CREW: Directing: Ewelina Marciniak Choreography: Dominika Knapik Stage and light: Mirek Kaczmarek Costumes: Natalia Mleczak Music: Jan Duszyński Video: Ewelina Marciniak / Przemyslaw Chojnacki Video production: YANKI FILM Dramaturgy: Joanna Bednarczyk / Anna-Sophia Güther / Sascha Hargesheimer Photos: Christian Kleiner CAST: Johanna : Annemarie Brüntjen Thibaut d’Arc: Boris Koneczny […]

The Rheingold

2021 THE RHEINGOLD Bern Theater Switzerland Richard Wagner DirectingEwelina Marciniak Choreographer Dominika Knapik Dramaturge Miron Hakenbeck Set designer Mirek Kaczmarek Costume designer Julia Kornacka Conductor Nicholas Carter Orchestra Berner Symphonieorchester Light Bernhard Bieri Photos: Rob Lewis Cast: Wotan -Josef Wagner Donner – Gerardo Garciacano Froh -Filipe Manu Loge – Marco Jentzsch Fricka – Claude Eichenberger […]

The Books of Jacob

2021 The Books of Jacob Thalia Theater in Hamburg A great journey across seven borders, five languages and three major religions, not counting the little ones’ – that’s the sub-title of “The Books of Jacob” by Olga Tokarczuk. In her magnum opus, the Nobel Prize for Literature winner crosses geographical and religious borders and bursts […]

The Boxer

2019 The Boxer Thalia Theater w Hamburgu Author: Szczepan Twardoch In 1930s Warsaw, Jewish boxer Jakub Shapiro is using the strength and agility of his body to fight his way out of the misery of his upbringing. He works for his godfather Jan Kaplica, who rules over Warsaw like Al Capone ran Chicago. The crook […]