Four stories of 20-something people trying to find themselves in adult roles. For Piotrek and Marta, the money they won are supposed to be the key to their happiness. Anka would like to be a famous painter. Gosia and Tomek hope that having a child will solve all their problems. The events are intertwined with a highly manipulated street survey among young people asked about their dreams and goals carried out by Cichy who desperately tries to prove his exceptionality to the world, his brother and himself.

Written by: Jacek Nagłowski
Director of photography: Patryk Jordanowicz
Editing: Marek Mirkiewicz

Anna Kerth, Dominik Nowak, Dominika Knapik, Krzysztof Zarzecki, Mirosława Sobik, Kuba Juszczyk, Bogusław Kudłek, Agnieszka Szydłowska, Agata Bogacka, Natalia Wojtuszek, Grzegorz Kliś, Marta Bucka

Producer: Jacek Nagłowski
Distributed by: open

Photos: Patryk Jordanowicz

The film won the Grand Prize in the independent cinema competition at the Polish Film Festival in Gdynia (2012) and the “Złoty Zamek” award at the “Off Cinema” International Film Festival (2014).

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