dominika knapik

photo by Dawid Kozłowski


Domi­nika Kna­pik (born in 1979 in Cra­cow) is a cho­re­ogra­pher, dan­cer and actress, alumna of the National Academy of Theater Arts in Krakow.

In 2007, she won the pre­sti­gious Dan­ce­Web Europe scho­lar­ship gran­ted by Art Sta­tions Foun­da­tions, fol­lo­wed by Art­sLink scho­lar­ship in 2009 (Dance New Amster­dam, NY). In 2011, she won the scho­lar­ship from the Polish Mini­stry of Cul­ture and Natio­nal Heri­tage and seve­ral arti­stiic resi­den­cies (e.g. Tan­zhaus Dus­sel­dorf). In 2012, she orga­ni­sed the New Dance in Old Cra­cow festi­val; she also wor­ked as the dance curator at Cra­cow The­atri­cal Remi­ni­scen­ces festi­val.

Between 2012 and 2016 she was teaching  in the Drama Depart­ment of National Academy  of Theater Arts in Krakow. In 2008, toge­ther with Woj­ciech Klim­czyk, she foun­ded the arti­stic col­lec­tive Hara­kiri Far­mers, which has com­ple­ted seve­ral inter­di­sci­pli­nary pro­jects.

She regu­larly coope­ra­tes with various the­atri­cal insti­tu­tions in Poland and abroad, wor­king as a cho­re­ogra­pher (e.g. per­for­man­ces direc­ted by Iga Gań­czar­czyk, Ewe­lina Mar­ci­niak, Radek Rych­cik, Maja Kle­czew­ska, Bog­dan Hus­sa­kow­ski, Anna Smo­lar, Anna Augu­sty­no­wicz, Paweł Łysak, Jan Klata, Remigiusz Brzyk, Bartosz Szydłowski). She also works on inde­pen­dent dance pro­jects (An Opti­mist’s Testa­ment, Łaź­nia Nowa The­atre, Afternoon of a Faun in Teatr Rozrywki in Chorzów), films (There) and dra­ma­tic per­for­man­ces (BANG BANG, Ste­fan Jaracz The­atre in Łódź, Camp Cataract in Teatr w Krakowie im. J.Słowackiego).

She is the win­ner of nume­rous awards (e.g. 1st prize in the New Situ­ations con­test at the Malta Festi­val in Poznań for keret, 1st prize in the OFF PPA con­test, the award of the Mayor of the City of Rze­szów). In 2015, she was nomi­na­ted for the Pas­sport award of the Poli­tyka weekly in the cate­gory of The­atre. In 2017 she got Golden Mask for choreography in Leni Riefenstahl. Epizody niepamięci. (Teatr Śląski in Katowice).

Domi­nika Kna­pik’s style is defi­ned by her sense of humour and the eaase with which she mer­ges ele­ments taken from various arti­stic disci­pli­nes. Her chief mate­rial are eve­ry­day gestu­res sub­mit­ted to heavy for­ma­li­sa­tion.